Iterum Energy
Targeted Renewable Sources


The new energy industry.


ITerum Eneregy™ has created new markets of opportunity within the renewable energy industry, through a capability to convert a variety of energy sources into a range of useful products for our clients.


Iterum™ LFG to Power I, LLC

Landfill gas (LFG)-to-electricity projects generate renewable power from landfill gas, a natural by-product of decaying organic matter. Gas is collected from the landfill and burned as fuel in internal combustion engines. These engines drive generators that produce electricity for use on-site or to power thousands of households in their surrounding communities. Presently, there are hundreds of landfill gas-to-energy sites worldwide. Because LFG produces power from organic matter, it is a renewable power resource

The Pyramid LTPC Power Module

ITerum™, through its subsidiary Pyramid Green Power Corp., developed the Pyramid Power System. The Pyramid Power System consists of three integral parts: a primary module dubbed the Low Temperature Phase Change (LTPC) system; an engineered thermal collection system; and a cooling system to condense the vapor in the primary module.

The Iterum™ Solar Collector

ITerum™ has developed a heliostat collector and acquired parabolic trough collectors, which are paired with the Pyramid Power System for small- and medium-scale power projects. The ITerum™  design with 1000:1 concentration is state-of-the-art in high-temperature systems.  Site preparation costs are minimal and one of many keys to attaining the economic goals set for our solar program.