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 Energy from Renewable Sources


The Rule, Not The Exception

ITerum Energy™ technologies and systems captures and transform renewable energy resources, both sustainability and profitability. Competing on par with traditional fossil fuels (without subsidization), ITerum Energy provides new business opportunities for global clients in an environmentally conscious manner.

Mark Ryan, Founder and CEO

The ITerum Energy™ Competitive Advantage

A Novel Approach

ITerum Energy provides some of the most critical of modern life, i.e. potable water, heating, cooling, and electricity by harnessing a range of renewable energy sources. This is accomplished through a variety of means, all of which involve the delivery of electricity or transformation of heat energy sources. 

ITerum Energy transforms renewable energy resources into desirable and economically advantageous utilities, turning overlooked energy sources into profit.

Who We Are

ITerum Energy is a project developer or Engineering, Procurement, Construction (ECP) firm. We provide oversight and manage all phases of our energy projects: from identifying the on-site energy resources that can be exploited, to providing engineering expertise in the selection of technologies for storing and converting these resources, to efficient delivery of the desired utilities.

ITerum has developed relationships with world-class companies with proven and state-of-the-art technologies that capture, store, convert, and deliver energy.  ITerum combines the strengths of our partners, with our own proprietary technologies to provide the most efficient and cost effective renewable energy systems available.

Why ITerum Energy™

Many parts of the world lack essential elements of a modern life, e.g., potable water, heating, cooling, electricity which are common in the developed world. There also exist parts of the world where these basics are exceptially expensive. However, these locations may have natural sources of energy that can be utilized in order to obtain these basic utilities of life. Other applications include reclaiming "free" waste heat, which is otherwise being exhausted to atmosphere from many industrial processes worldwide.

Our Target Audience

ITerum Energy targets customers who have a deficiency of basic utilities: potable water, heating, cooling, and electricity.  This includes customers for whom these utilities are expensive. For industrialized areas worldwide, ITerum uses technologies that provide cost savings for companies while reducing their environmental impact.


ITerum Energy improves the utilization of existing energy sources, reduces operating costs, reduces carbon emissions, and provides significant revenue streams for customers. Competing on par with traditional fossil fuels without subsidization, ITerum Energy is positioned to become a leader in the renewable energy industry.