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Targeted Renewable Sources

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Through the application of our proprietary and acquired technologies, we capture and convert energy sources into more desirable forms, permitting renewable energy generation where it was impossible before.


Dr. Todd Stevens, Director of Technology

Our Competitive Advantage

ITerum Energy™ technologies and systems capture and transform  renewable energy resources, both sustainably and profitability. Competing on par with traditional fossil fuels (without subsidization).  ITerum Energy™ provides new business opportunities for global clients in an environmentally conscious manner.


ITerum Energy provides Energy from Renewable Sources, creating renewable energy solutions worldwide. The basis for the systems and technologies developed by our scientists is: identification and utilization of all available renewable resources at a specific site that have the potential to become, through conversion or transformation, useful and economically viable utilities. The accompanying figure schematically illustrates the Resources, Storage, Conversion, Utilities (RSCU™) strategy, showing the transformation of various renewable energy resources into utilities in demand at a specific development site. 



RSCU™ - Resource, Storage, Conversion, Utilities


Our ITerum Energy™ RSCU™ approach begins with the identification of renewable sources at a site under development. The renewable energy resources may include, but are not limited to some or all of the following:

• Geothermal
• Wind
• Hydro

• Industrial Waste Heat                                   
• Biomass
• Solar Thermal
• Solar Photovoltaic

Various energy storage technologies are designed into our ITerum Energy solutions for retaining energy prior to and/or after conversion to a usable and desired energy form(s). Our storage technologies include: electrical batteries, super capacitors, thermal batteries (chemical, absorption, molten salt), and hydropower storage.

A range of conversion technologies have been developed to utilize the locally available and/or stored renewable energy for delivery of the desired utilities. Conversion technologies are modular and are selected and combined as needed for each identified opportunity. The valuable products produced from ITerum Energy™ systems include:

• Electricity
• Heating

• Cooling
• Potable Water