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Overall Market Assessment

The annual global market for Energy from Renewable Sources exceeds $1.35 Trillion, and the annual US market is greater than $200 Billion. It is projected that annual investment of $217 Billion in non-polluting renewable energy projects is required to meet the “2 degree” temperature standard. While the global renewable energy market growth rate has been historically led by wind and solar, new opportunities exist to increase the utilization of other renewable energy resources.

Market penetration of renewable energy production stands at just 6.5% globally, although investment in new markets and projects is growing as traditional markets and technologies are becoming more expensive due to regulation. Increased regulation and governmental mandates for renewable energy will continue to increase market opportunities.

Uncertainty is a key barrier to lowering costs for renewable technologies, and achieving greater investment in renewable energy projects. Successful demonstration of renewable energy technologies and continued development of cost effective energy storage to stabilize production fluctuations will enable rapid growth in this market sector.

ITerum Energy™

ITerum Energy™ provides customers with engineered solutions to transform energy that is currently neglected or going to waste into useful products such as electricity, heating, and cooling. Our engineered and proprietary solutions are sized to maximize the power produced from the available renewable energy resources at each location. Our extensive experience in harnessing a variety of energy resources gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors in the market. 

We have created a marketing organization that works closely with engineering to employ cost-effective optimized for specific applications. We seek out additional customers with the same requirements to leverage these engineered solutions, This horizontal marketing/sales approach enables opportunities for rapid and streamlined sales, providing a clear advantage in the marketplace.

The realization of sales and earnings growth in our market stems from our unique ability to combine state-of-the-art technologies into innovative engineered solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. This is how ITerum Energy will become a world leader in providing comprehensive renewable energy solutions.

Dr. Todd Stevens, Director of Technology