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Targeted Renewable Sources

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Energy from renewable sources should be the rule,
not the exception.


The competitive advantage

The ITerum Energy™ technology captures and recycles energy to produce sources new sources that have been historically inaccessible and unusable. Competing on par with traditional fossil fuels (without subsidization), ITerum Energy™ provides significant savings and new options for global clients.

ITerum Energy™ targets energy emitted as waste heat to the environment.  Our power production technologies are significantly more efficient and able to work at lower temperatures than existing technologies, positioning ITerum Energy™ to become a leader in the renewable energy industry.

A cost-effective alternative

Several billion BTUs of waste heat are exhausted to the atmosphere annually from worldwide manufacturing processes.  At ITerum Energy™ we provide engineered solutions to collect these discarded thermal energy resources, and convert them into useful sources of energy for our customers.

“Low grade” geothermal energy is our focus in the geothermal marketplace. Utilizing thermal energy at temperatures below those in conventional geothermal power production allow us to use low-cost, shallow wells to supply the thermal energy to drive our power production modules. 

The prevalence of the “low grade” geothermal wells is ten fold that of standard geothermal wells. Iterum™ also utilizes waste heat from the backside of the traditional geothermal power turbine process to power our units.

To produce power, many of our competitors require customers to provide a source of cooling. However, very few customers can supply sufficient quantities of cold water to support the operation of any power production process.  ITerum provides an engineered solution to supply sufficient cooling without requiring a customer to supply chilled water.